GoMaticAi Demo Info

Your Ai Assistant for Improved Profits. Save Time – Earn More With Improved Shop Workflow!

Maybe you’ve been curious about Ai and how it can assist your shop’s efforts in delivering 21st century automotive diagnostics, customer to shop communications, and an easier pathway toward vehicle problem resolution. We were, so we decided to build something that brings great value to other shops – then share that.

With over 50 years automotive experience – From Model A Fords to today’s most sophisticated automobiles – The GoMatic.Ai team has you covered. Been there, done that, especially with those head scratcher jobs that waste valuable productive time – our growing knowledge base will always continue to improve in accuracy and value. Our extensive OBDii code reference enhanced by Ai is second to none in both function and response.

So, we’re not just a bunch of know nothing software hacks – we developed GoMatic.Ai from realising a problem when shops need to spend less time searching for answers and talking with customers – and more time in the productive areas of getting good paying jobs in – then out.

For example, trying to get what customers are saying that’s going on with their car & not to mention their frustration sometimes, telling a technician what’s going on without the knowledge that tech’s have – It’s a communications gap. Customers know symptoms, but most don’t know cars – they don’t want to know what we know!

Our system is designed to accommodate and translate customer speak via a simple to use customer interface (our shop’s customers love this feature!) into tech knowledge that your techs will fully understand – and all it takes is a few words entered by your customer. It’s that powerful.

So, are you ready to satisfy your curiosity?