The Future of Automotive Diagnostics

Bridging the Gap: From Customer Speak to Auto Tech Action… with only a few symptom words from your customer’s direct input – results in an accurate assessment of a problem along with the potential systems that might be involved – then a way for a tech to approach and resolve the problem!

Imagine if you could reduce the amount of time and research it can take to study, explore, and examine many of the car troubles you’re dealing with everyday. Cars continue to become more tech-heavy with complex systems while technicians are having trouble keeping up. Diagnostics since the 1960s have become increasingly challenging.

The other side of the coin driving this increasing trend – customers love their tech-laden cars and the benefits technology brings, but they don’t understand the inner workings of it. And, they shouldn’t have to.

The gap between the two worlds of auto repair facilities and their customers continues to grow. And the language to communicate becomes increasingly challenging. This is precisely why we’ve developed a system that can effectively narrow the gap without customer’s need to learn a language to communicate problems and symptoms. The result is in the easier resolution of those problems.

GoMaticAI is here to serve Repair Shops and Customers with Real-World Insights and AI-powered solutions that work. Customers receive a non-technical report while your shop receives the sophisticated results and guidelines your techs need to guide the verification process that get’s them to the core issues as quickly as possible.

At GoMaticAI, we’ve embarked on a transformative journey that marries innovation, customer empowerment, and continuing knowledge gathering that serves technicians and their customers best. Our mission is to revolutionize the auto repair industry by offering a easy to use – sophisticated yet accessible tool, our Ai Assistant, that simplifies & enhances diagnostics and the customer experience – is designed to drive growth, revenue & profits for repair shops.

The Benefits: A Nexus of Gains

  • For Repair Shops: Our technology is designed to empower repair shops with an advanced diagnostic assistant tool that simplifies and accelerates diagnostics with Ai tech assistance. Our technology enhances the accuracy of repair/issue assessments and streamlines workflows, leading to happier & more productive techs – (happier shop owners too!), more loyal customers and increased growth for your business.
  • For Customers: Customers benefit from an enhanced repair experience. During a pre-diagnostic assessment session, they enter their vehicle information and describe symptoms in natural language. Our simple and easy to follow interface, powered by Ai and our growing knowledge base, scrutinizes symptom consistency against historical data, delivering highly accurate problem assessments and recommended solutions. This results in faster, more cost-effective repairs and builds greater trust between customers and repair shops.

GoMaticAI continues to acquire real-world data that enriches our knowledge base, allowing us to continually fine-tune our assistant. As a result, it becomes more precise and capable of correlating even more symptoms to solutions. This is our strategic approach that’s designed to help you! The stronger we make our knowledge base, the better we can serve you while providing the best diagnostic assistant platform available – a first of its kind!

Growing an effective knowledge base is the core reason why we continue to invite repair shops to participate in providing problems/complaints/symptoms – repair data with validated repair solutions in building the knowledge base further. You can indicate your interest when signing up after you’ve taken a free demo test spin!

Please note that participating in repair knowledge sharing isn’t necessary and that you’ll still benefit from knowledge from other shops regardless – but also realise that in sharing, you might be helping another tech in need half way across the globe! Our hope is that everyone benefits and wins as a result, including you!